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Classic, Collectors & Vintage Car Insurance Claims

General Information
We like to help our clients in the event of a claim . The same team who advise on the arrangement of your policy are responsible for making sure your claim is dealt with to your satisfaction . Insurance claims vary from the simple Windscreen to the really serious incidents. You can speak to us/e-mail fax us / or leave a message on our message line and we will contact you as soon as possible .If you have not had a response from us on our first working day after the incident please ring. Many insurers now have their 24 hour claim help line phone numbers in the policy documents/booklets.For simple claims the days of claim forms are now fading away.We can advise you if your insurer needs a form and even phone in the first report for you. Insurers wish you to advise them of an incident as soon as possible in order that they can reduce the increased risks of further damage and costs of an incident .If your vehicle can not be driven safely after an accident, then insurers can arrange for it to be recovered and stored while your claim is processed.

We find classic vehicle owners are a pretty resourcefull bunch who prefer if possible to get their vehicles home if they can safely do so. Then they can take their time to source a specialist repairer of their marque. You are in far more contol of the repair situation if your vehicle is in store in your garage. Sometimes you will find your RAC / Green flag / AA cover etc will recover the vehicle all the way home . Comprehensive Insurance covers the recovery cost to the nearest repairer (not specialist repairer).

What is an accident?
You must bear in mind an accident does not always involve physical contact between vehicles. For example, you could pull out in the path of another vehicle whose driver losses control and collides with other objects or vehicles. Fire damage and Theft losses explain themselves but other accidental damage incidents you might not at first see as possible insurance claims - Eg sump-engine-suspension -damage following collision with objects in the road.

What to do just after an accident
 - Note the registration number of the vehicles involved
- Make a sketch plan of the scene of the accident or take photos if at all possible.
- Do not admit responsibility or sign any statment to this effect
- If anyone other than yourself is injured, you must show your certificate of motor insurance to the police or to any other person reasonably asking. If you cannot do this at the time of the accident, report the accident to the police as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours.
- You must also show your Certificate of motor insurance to anyone reasonably asking if you have caused damage to another vehicle or their property.
- Report all accidents and losses immediately to your insurer or us.