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Classic Car Insurance FAQs everything you need to know

Classic and Vintage Car Insurance FAQS

What is the definition of a classic vehicle for insurance purposes?     

The age of the vehicle plays a large part in this decision together with what the vehicle is used for.Most insurers will allow vehicles that are at least 15 years old on their schemes. Some will allow younger vehicles they see as future classics on their schemes.For kit cars and other unusual hobby vehicles such as Fire engines or Milk Floats age is not so important 

What age do you have to be to take out a classic policy on your own?              

Most insurers have a drivers starting age of 25, although we have obtained policies for younger drivers where for example they already have a policy on a standard car in their own name with a no claim bonus and the classic is a low risk. We find these clients normally come from a car enthusiast family

Can I have a named driver under 25 on my classic policy?           

Some of our  insurers will take named drivers 23 and over.  

How quickly can I arrange cover?                  

Immediate cover is usually available during normal office hours.  Please note that cover is not automatically provided so do not assume that cover has been granted if you email us.  Please speak to one of the Team if immediate cover is required.      

What is the difference between market value and agreed value?              

Most of the insurance on standard vehicles is on a market value basis to allow for depreciation wear and tear to the vehicle. The market value being the price you would expect to obtain for your car in the open cash market. With classic cars, this market value at the time the policy is processed becomes fixed in advance and thus agreed. In the event of a claim that is a total loss, you are paid this fixed agreed value.  

How can I be sure the insurers will agree the value I propose?    

There is only one way, that is to submit the photos and other supporting documents to the insurers for their views on your value before cover is arranged. Perhaps a 7 to 10 day process. We are happy to carry this out on your behalf without charge if you wish. However we find 95% of the values proposed are accepted by our panel insurers and agreed without a problem. Most of our clients do not wish to wait. 

I do not have the required photographs to send with the proposal form.  Can I still have the cover?  

We can arrange cover without them but the basis of settlement on a claim is usually market value until they are received and the value agreed. 

Can I email the photos to you?  

We are happy to accept emailed photos.  If you are posting them to us, please sign and date the back of each one.

Do you charge an extra fee to agree a value?  

Most of our insurers make no extra charge for this. 

I do not have a garage.  Can I have a classic car policy?  

This will be depend upon your post code and the value of the vehicle.  Please check with us.  

I / we do not have a second car used as my /our every day transport . Can I have a classic car policy?        

Yes, one of our panel of Insurers may accept this. 

Can I use my classic to commute to my normal fixed place of work? 

That depends on your insurer/policy and the use you have requested. Please check with us. 

What happens if I get close to my mileage limit on my policy?      

You can contact us with your current mileage reading and upgrade to the next limit and pay the extra.

What happens if I exceed my chosen mileage limit on the policy and do not upgrade?   

Your insurance may not be valid and you could end up paying your own claim plus someone elses if the accident is your fault.

Can I have breakdown and recovery on my classic car policy?   

Two of  our panel of insurers offer this cover, one of which provides this as an optional extra that includes EEC countries . The cost is determined by the mileage band chosen .  

I want to use my classic car for business.  Can you arrange this cover?                 

We can arrange this cover depending on the business activity carried out.  For example, the wedding hire and special vehicle hire business, the solicitor wanting to visit his clients in his classic car on a nice day or maybe a business using a classic commercial vehicle for promotional purposes, each quote is an individual 'off-book' rate and we will sometimes use a standard non classic policy to obtain this cover.  Call us to discuss. 

Can I have Third Party Fire and Theft cover?                                

Most classic policies are based on a form of comprehensive cover that includes accidental damage to the insured vehicle . On some 4X4- classic commercials and motorcycle policies we can offer TPF&T cover but then the saving is so small, it may not be be worthwhile.